Is Sublingual Immunotherapy Effective?

Woman holding allergy drop bottle

Yes! Patient studies show that allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy following The La Crosse Method™ Protocol, are effective in reducing — or eliminating — allergy symptoms. Sublingual immunotherapy can also be effective in treating allergy-related conditions like asthma, eczema, headaches, and other illnesses that are negatively impacted by allergy.

The goal for treating environmental allergies is to reduce or eliminate symptoms to pesky outdoor and/or indoor allergens. For some patients with food allergy, the goal may be to build tolerance so they can enjoy the food again without symptoms. For others with severe or life-threatening food allergies, the goal may be to build a level of tolerance so that if you are accidentally exposed to a problematic food, the reaction would not be life-threatening.

Of course, a treatment is the most effective when patients take it as directed, including:

  • Take three doses a day, as prescribed
  • Continue treatment until allergy testing shows that tolerance is built (typically over three to five years)
  • Adhere to follow ups and retesting with your clinician

Allergy drop bottles

Years of research show the safety and effectiveness of sublingual immunotherapy as a whole. As with any treatment, some patients may not respond as well as others.

As for the La Crosse Method, it has been used clinically for more than 50 years and has treated hundreds of thousands of patients. A quality-of-life survey showed that patients had less hospital visits, less medication use, missed less school or work, and had a higher quality of life after completing treatment.

If improving your allergies is on your to-do list, find a provider near you who offers disease-modifying allergy drop immunotherapy.