Pollen seasons in the United States

Pollen Allergy Seasons – United States

Treat the cause of your allergies with safe, pain-free, and effective allergy drops.

Allergy drops treat a wide variety of allergies and related conditions.

Want to know what seasonal allergies may be causing your allergy symptoms? Our comprehensive lists give you all the details.

Therapy treats the cause — not just symptoms

The goal of allergy drops is to train your immune system to stop reacting to what you’re allergic to. And you can take allergy drops in the convenience of your home or wherever you are. The result?

Allergy medication

Reduce or eliminate need for allergy medications

Stethoscope iconReduce or eliminate related medical visits & procedures

Piggy bank iconSave money long-term

Icon of a woman and dogFeel better and participate in life with less lost time from work & play

You can also check out your local pollen & mold levels through the National Allergy Bureau.