Our Allergy Control Program Approach

Lower costs, better health outcomes, more productive employees.

That’s what treating the root cause of allergy can deliver.

20% of people have allergic disease — including asthma, sinusitis, eczema, and more, but only a fraction get help that changes the disease. Without treatment, the result is a lifetime of symptoms that progress into other issues, ongoing medication and healthcare expenses, and needless suffering that impacts work and school.

Allergy facts

Impacts 1 in 5

Allergy impacts 1 in 5 employees/dependents

Leading cause
of absenteeism & presenteeism

Allergy is a leading cause of absenteeism & presenteeism

annual healthcare spend

Allergy is a $100+ BILLION annual healthcare spend

You have a better option to stop the spiraling cost of allergy

Working with onsite/near-site or contracted provider groups, Allergychoices delivers an Allergy Control Program that helps drive down employers’ ongoing healthcare costs and improve employee productivity and healthcare outcomes.

We train practices to implement an affordable, effective, and streamlined program that includes:

  • Prescreening to identify patients who’ll benefit most
  • Streamlined diagnostic tools to identify specific allergens and allergy severity
  • Personalized allergy drop immunotherapy that can be safely taken at home
  • Ongoing practice training, patient support, and data-collecting tools to help you measure ROI

Take a few minutes to find out more about our program, how it could work for you, and why other employers are making this part of their plan to change the way healthcare is delivered.


Allergy is an epidemic.

It hides under diagnostic codes for many chronic conditions.

We help you address what’s beneath the surface of the ALLERGY ICEBERG.

Allergy drops treat a wide variety of allergies and related conditions.

La Crosse Method™ Protocol outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate performance in healthcare.

For more information, visit validationinstitute.com.

Time for a better, proven option that fits any care delivery model!

Allergychoices’ Allergy Control Program pairs the La Crosse Method™ Protocol and workflow with targeted diagnostics and personalized sublingual (under-the-tongue) immunotherapy.

  • Re-trains immune system to stop reacting to allergens through at-home treatment
  • Excellent safety — 275,000+ U.S. patients treated
  • Protocol backed by 50+ years of clinical experience and research
  • Thousands of providers trained coast to coast
  • Validated patient outcomes & supporting research
Research* used in La Crosse Method Protocol Validation
62% Avg. reduced unplanned related doctor visits
85% Avg. reduced related emergency visits
50% Avg. reduced related medication use
68% Avg. reduced related school/work absences
4.3 Avg. Quality of Life Improvement rating (1-5 scale; 5=very positively)
*Patient reported studies referenced 2003-2013; in collaboration with University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.