How the Allergy Control Program Works

Using our turnkey Allergy Control Program, we empower employers to reduce spend and deliver patient success through onsite, near-site, DPC, and provider networks.

1. IDENTIFY the right employees & dependents

  • Our scored screener and your clinical spend data help you identify those who will benefit most
  • We help you identify and implement streamlined diagnostic and testing tools

2. TREAT the cause safely with allergy drops

  • Clinically-proven tools help providers translate test results into personalized immunotherapy that patients take at home
  • Therapy retrains the immune system, typically over 3-5 years
  • Our licensed pharmacy handles compounding, counseling, shipping to patients, and billing based on your specific plan needs

3. TRACK patient success throughout therapy

  • Secure patient registry documents treatment success for patients, providers, and employers
  • Dashboards motivate patients, guide providers, and measure progress along the way

Time for a better, proven option that fits any care delivery model!

Allergychoices environmental allergy dropsFocus your healthcare spend on treating the cause of allergy with a safe, proven, affordable, and flexible program to fit your current onsite, near-site, or DPC network.

Allergychoices’ Allergy Control Program pairs the La Crosse Method™ Protocol and workflow with targeted diagnostics and personalized sublingual (under-the-tongue) immunotherapy.

  • Re-trains immune system to stop reacting to allergens through at-home treatment
  • Excellent safety — 275,000+ U.S. patients treated
  • Protocol backed by 50+ years of clinical experience and research
  • Thousands of providers trained coast to coast
  • Validated patient outcomes & supporting research

La Crosse Method™ Protocol outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate performance in healthcare.

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