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Allergychoices founder David Morris, MD, ABAI, ABFM

Allergychoices founder David L. Morris, MD, ABFP, ABAI, FACA (1929-2017)

Founded in 2000, Allergychoices, Inc. started as the nation’s first dedicated education, advocacy, and networking resource for patients and physicians who were interested in treating the cause of allergic disease using sublingual immunotherapy.

Today, we are a leading healthcare services company that is disrupting the status quo in allergy care:

  • Helping providers offer more patients the option to modify their allergic disease instead of managing symptoms.
  • Connecting allergy sufferers to options to treat the cause of allergic diseases safely, effectively, and affordably.
  • Partnering with employer groups to identify and address allergy-related health by driving down costs and improving productivity, outcomes, and quality of life in their workforce.

We do this through services and expertise based on the fact that no two patients are alike, and their treatment should reflect this.

Using the La Crosse Method™ Practice Protocol, developed by our founder, Dr. David Morris (1929-2017), and his physician partners at Allergy Associates of La Crosse in Wisconsin, thousands of providers across the U.S. have helped more than a quarter million allergy sufferers take the next steps to live healthier, happier lives.

Internationally recognized as a pioneer in sublingual immunotherapy, Dr. Morris began publishing papers in medical literature on sublingual immunotherapy in 1969.

In 2018, outcomes from the Protocol received validation by population health scientists and biostatisticians at the Validation Institute.

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Allergy Choices Testimonial

With my allergies and asthma, I never thought I would become an athlete, and never guessed I would be doing it at the Olympic level... — Lindsay Williams, Olympic skier

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