Our Approach

Allergychoices approaches allergic disease differently. We believe that patients should have the option to change their allergic disease, not just manage it indefinitely. The La Crosse Method™ Protocol was developed with that philosophy in mind. This method is disease modification, made elegantly simple through custom immunotherapy, providing lasting benefits.

Change the disease

Less than five percent of allergy sufferers in the U.S. receive immunotherapy — the only treatment that changes the underlying disease. The other 95% avoid their allergens, suffer, or take medication to mask the symptoms — and then go on to repeat this cycle of discomfort, and then cover that discomfort, year after year.

Allergychoices’ approach is to make disease modifying treatment available as a first line of treatment. Sublingual immunotherapy treatment gradually helps your body build tolerance to the substances that cause your allergies. Over time, your body learns to tolerate these substances, symptoms decrease, and the need for allergy medication is often eliminated. This is especially important because untreated allergy can often develop into other conditions, including asthma, eczema, and other chronic issues.

Make it safe & simple

Allergy drops are a safe, convenient way to build your body’s tolerance to harmful allergens, especially when compared to other methods. Because the dose is matched to each patient’s specific allergies and level of sensitivity, there’s no guessing game about too high or too low of a dose — reducing risk of reactions or ineffective treatment. Because it’s self-administered, treatment easily fits into the lives of even the busiest people, with fewer office visit requirements and one simple dose schedule to follow.

  • Treatment can be taken anywhere
  • Dosing instructions are consistent throughout treatment
  • Fewer office visits
  • Treats multiple allergens all at once
  • Matched to the patient’s “allergic fingerprint” for safety and effectiveness

Provide lasting benefit

The benefit of changing the body’s immune response to allergens is that the results can last long after treatment is done, instead of a temporary fix. That’s not the only benefit:

  • Affordable and convenient
  • Reduces other allergy-related medication use
  • Creates long-term tolerance
  • Improves quality of life

Allergychoices believes that allergy — both food and environmental — isn’t something you have to just live with. With an “elegantly simple,” cost effective treatment, it’s possible to live free of allergy symptoms that get in the way of enjoying life. The La Crosse Method makes that possible for patients around the country, with a wide variety of allergies, and diverse lifestyles.