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What are Allergies Really Costing You?

Allergy drop cost — paid out of pocket — may be less than prescriptions and treatment covered by insurance!

The good news is that treating the cause of your allergies using allergy drops is affordable, in addition to being safe, effective, and a convenient way to change the course of allergy! See for yourself by downloading a PDF of our allergy cost calculator worksheet →

Allergy drop cost

  • Environmental allergy prescriptions begin at $122 for a 90-day supply (based on prescription complexity and antigens used).
  • Food allergy prescriptions begin at $150 for a 90-day prescription.
  • Pre-seasonal allergy prescriptions for grass, ragweed, and trees are $131 for a two-bottle set.

Treatment typically lasts 3-5 years.

Save time, money & your health!

Most patients find their need for other symptom-relieving prescriptions decrease once they start allergy drops, and may no longer be needed. And there are generally fewer follow up visit costs, and less time lost from work/school. Allergy drops typically qualify for Health Savings Account or Flex Spending reimbursement.

So, what are you waiting for?