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Allergychoices Changed the Way She Treats Allergy

“Basically, we now offer to our patients both allergy drops as well as allergy shots, with a high recommendation towards allergy drops for all of the reasons we mentioned before. It’s easier. Even though it’s three times a day it’s much more tolerable for patients. They don’t get stuck. It’s less costly for commercial patients as well because they don’t have a copay every week.

“It has really broadened the way we treat allergy in terms of offering it to more patients. In addition, allergy drops tend to have a lower reactivity rate, so there are less patients having anaphylaxis in your office. It tends to be much safer in your office and an opportunity to just broaden the scope of what you do.”

— Lorraine Williams, MD, FACS, ENT, Georgia

How Allergychoices Impacts Patients

“I think over the course of the years that I’ve utilized the allergy drops, what I see is patients continue to come back. They see encouragement that they can use less allergy medication, whether it’s over the counter or prescribed, which benefits them for cost. We always discuss cost of the sublingual immunotherapy with patients and the fact that it’s not necessarily covered by their insurance, but when they look at the cost benefit of not having to buy over the counter products, it really benefits them because it does pay for itself over the course of that time.

“I do use a lot of food allergy drops, even more than environmental, and we see a huge improvement in patients with less symptoms and being able to return to school on a daily basis.”

— Amy Fitzgerald, FNP, Family Practice | MN

Allergy Therapy That Fits Into Busy Schedules

“The response from patients has been fantastic. It’s convenient for families. Parents with children who need therapy who are in school are able to have the therapy at home instead of having to come in weekly for the injection therapy.

“Allergychoices has allowed us to offer our patients another alternative which enables them to free up their schedule. It’s difficult for patients with families and many other commitments, time constraints make it very difficult. Allergychoices has really made it possible for many of our patients to get allergy therapy when they just wouldn’t have had the time and ability to do it.”

— Matthew Patterson, MD, ENT | MN

How Allergy Treatment Impacts Medication Use

"I truly feel that in-home sublingual therapy is making these patients compliant. They are thrilled to be able to take this little [allergy drop] packet with them on the go, to be able to do this at work, to be able to do this at home. They're able to just be as successful in treating their allergies as possible.

"They are so successful that my numbers in antibiotics and steroid use over the last year for my patient panel has went down by one third. I am thrilled to say that I have given less steroid injections, less medrol dose packs, less augmentin for sinus infections, you name it. My patients are seeing the full effects of treating their allergies head on.

"For the large majority of patients this is just an amazing option and for a direct primary care physician, it's an affordable option. I urge you to look into it. I urge you to help some of your patients and see if this is right for them and if not, transfer on. If you could take care of your patients in this way and see the numbers improve that I have, my antibiotic and steroid point counts that go down as I have, and have my own personal success story, why wouldn't you?"

— Amber Beckenhauer, DO, Direct Primary Care provider

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What Providers Should Know About Allergychoices

“What I’d like to recommend to other colleagues is that this is a seamless transition into your practice. You’re able to offer allergy drops to patients and monitor them and keep them in practice.

“The kids, of course, don’t have to get an injection every week so they’re not crying and hollering and screaming. They’re not afraid to come into your office. Kids tend to respond to it much better.

“Then, of course, you get the opportunity to treat both environmental allergens and food allergens with the allergy drops as well.”

— Lorraine Williams, MD, FACS

Introducing Allergy Drops is an Easy Process

“As far as introducing Allergychoices, I don’t think that you should be fearful. I think that it’s a very easy process. When I have questions, Allergychoices especially is very helpful on answering questions on prescribing, where to start. The pharmacists are excellent in helping with that.

“I haven’t had any issues or major reactions. Patients tolerate it very well and they really appreciate it once they get it going because it almost allows them to get their life back. That’s the fun part, when patients can start to feel better and get back to work and school. That’s what we do, and that’s why we’re here as doctors and providers.”

— Amy Fitzgerald, FNP, Family Practice | MN

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Top Notch Coordination Between Clinic and Allergychoices

“The method that Allergychoices uses is something that most of us in allergy are familiar with in the use of injection therapy. It’s very easy for the clinic staff to work with the Allergychoices staff. There’s very close coordination. Patients get their materials [allergy drops] within days of requesting the materials. Orders are checked very closely.

“They do a fantastic job of not only working with the patient, but in coordinating with the clinic staff so that you can provide the services in an efficient and safe manner.”

— Matthew Patterson, MD, ENT | MN

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