For Providers

Do you want more patients to have a safe, effective and proven way of changing their underlying allergic diseases?

Today you have another first-line treatment option. Allergychoices can help your practice integrate custom, patient-specific sublingual immunotherapy using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol. In use since 1970, the Protocol is uniquely optimized to your patients’ needs, with treatment targeting their specific allergen reactions and level of sensitivity.

Because of the Protocol’s safety and convenience profile, it expands the number of patients who can benefit from immunotherapy beyond traditional injection immunotherapy and other treatment options.

Are you facing allergy shot delivery interruptions in your practice?

We’re hearing that a number of practices are unable to continue allergy injection therapy in their offices due to staffing challenges.

You can continue your patients’ allergy treatment by converting to sublingual immunotherapy and we’re here to help. Our pharmacy team can provide support to convert patient treatment to allergy drops, which can be safely delivered directly to your patients’ homes.

Our goal is to support your efforts in helping provide continuity of care for your patients and your practice, especially at a time and season when respiratory health is critical.

To speak with a pharmacist about conversion, please call us at 608.791.5301.

Our Services

Why do more providers look to Allergychoices as the standard for delivering sublingual immunotherapy?

  • Education and Support. We’ve provided La Crosse Method Protocol training to more than 2,000 medical providers across the U.S., and treatment support for tens of thousands of patients.
  • Comprehensive solutions. The Protocol supports the full range of allergy patients, from general to complex, with flexible, patient-specific treatment options for environmentalfood, and preseasonal (rush) immunotherapy
  • Advocacy. We are committed to helping providers help more patients with personalized, safe, and evidence-based allergy diagnostics and treatment.
  • Access. By expanding the number of providers using the Protocol, more patients have the option to change their allergic diseases safely, effectively, and affordably, close to home.
  • Accountability. We are guided by the latest research and data to improve care and outcomes.


La Crosse Method Protocol outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate performance in healthcare. For more information, visit