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Allergy Control Program for Benefits Consultants

Navigating your clients to solutions that provide better health outcomes in a more cost effective manner is critical to building your organization’s reputation as a key partner.

Allergychoices' Allergy Control Program (ACP) provides you with a unique offering that uncovers an often overlooked drain on cost, outcomes and productivity, with a low barrier to entry. We can help you define true costs of allergy and related comorbidities that are often missing in most reporting, and pave a path to more effective diagnostic and treatment delivery options that can result in a healthier workforce at lower costs.

La Crosse Method Protocol outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate performance in healthcare. For more information, visit

Our program can help benefits consultants meet the Quadruple Aim

Improve Outcomes:
  • Differentiate and stay relevant with clients by introducing a precision solution with validated outcomes
  • Help clients improve productivity and absenteeism rates among chronic allergy, asthma and related disease sufferers
Lower Healthcare Costs:
  • Identify and address hidden costs of allergy and related diseases
  • Decrease office visits, procedures and medication costs with disease-modifying treatment
Improve Patient Experience:
  • Provide patients with access to an affordable, disease modifying treatment option
  • Improve patient adherence with convenient treatment without side effects impacting productivity
Improve Clinician Experience:
  • Efficiently integrate a proven, safe protocol within onsite, nearsite and DPC clinic workflows
  • Reduce “boomerang” patient utilization, allowing providers to treat more patients

Learn about our steps to implementation, and how we can work with you to analyze the issue, and develop a custom plan that fits your client needs.

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