Sublingual Immunotherapy Training

Expand your practice’s expertise and ability to treat the cause of your patients’ allergic disease with sublingual immunotherapy training.

When you receive sublingual immunotherapy training from Allergychoices, you learn how to integrate the safe, effective and proven La Crosse Method™ Protocol into your practice so you can begin to help more patients. Or, if you already offer allergy treatment, our training can help you expand allergy testing options and personalized allergy drop immunotherapy.

People using sublingual immunotherapy near Seattle, WAOur trainers empower you to:

  • Confidently master the science, diagnostic approaches, and how to successfully integrate personalized allergy drop therapy
  • Implement allergy skin testing for precise diagnosis
  • Deliver disease-modifying sublingual immunotherapy personalized to your patients’ allergies and specific level of sensitivity
  • Help a wider range of patients treat the cause and improve quality of life
  • Improve patient satisfaction & long-term outcomes

How does sublingual immunotherapy training work?

  • We work with your practice to customize training to meet your workflow, staffing, and treatment goals
  • On-site and online training options available to help you quickly and efficiently implement a solid program
  • Our implementation team provides ongoing support in conjunction with our pharmacy team to help you, and your patients, stay engaged in meeting allergy treatment goals

Schedule a short call with one of our team members to learn how you can begin.

Let’s explore how you can help more patients and successfully integrate the La Crosse Method into your practice using a clinically proven protocol, best practices, and diagnostic and treatment services from the U.S. pioneers in sublingual immunotherapy.