Allergy Control Program for Employers

Employers know the current trajectory of healthcare costs is unsustainable. Yet having a healthy, productive workforce is critical to success.

Allergychoices provides a path to stop the spiraling cost of allergy and related diseases, leading to a solution that delivers on the quadruple aim by improving allergy outcomes, lowering healthcare costs, expanding patient access, and delivering a more satisfying experience for clinicians.As more employer groups explore self-funded insurance options, direct contracting with primary care, onsite, or nearsite clinics, there’s a growing opportunity to regain control of costs while ensuring better outcomes.

If your self-funded group is looking to find ways to bring down the cost of chronic allergy and related disease including allergic asthma, while creating a healthier workforce, Allergychoices’ Allergy Control Program may be a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Our program can help employers meet the Quadruple Aim

Improve Outcomes

  • Identify and address the impact of allergic disease to improve productivity and absenteeism
  • Address root cause and reduce need for long-term allergy treatment options
  • Reduce or prevent related comorbidities from developing

Lower Healthcare Costs

  • Reduce treatment costs from allergy and related disease – office visits, procedures and medication spend
  • Reduce long-term chronic costs with early disease-modifying option

Improve Patient Experience

  • Provide employees/dependents access to affordable, disease-modifying treatment
  • Improve adherence, productivity and reduce absenteeism through convenient therapy

Improve Clinician Experience

  • Reduce chronic allergy utilization to provide more access to other patient needs
  • Efficiently integrate a treatment with validated outcomes seamlessly into workflow

Let’s start the conversation with a data review to help you determine your organization’s allergic footprint, and how we can help direct a new path to savings.

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Allergy Choices Testimonial

I have found this treatment to be very convenient and a very easy way to get rid of my allergies… — Anne from CT