Allergy Control Program for Employers

Employers know the current trajectory of healthcare costs is unsustainable. Yet having a healthy, productive workforce is critical to success.

If your self-funded group is looking to find ways to bring down the cost of chronic allergy and related disease including allergic asthma, chronic sinusitis, and eczema, Allergychoices' Allergy Control Program may be a valuable piece of the puzzle.

Our program can help identify underlying allergies and modify the disease with sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, to:

  • Reduce or prevent related comorbidities from developing
  • Reduce treatment costs from allergy and related disease – office visits, procedures and medication spend
  • Improve adherence, productivity and reduce absenteeism through convenient therapy
  • Efficiently integrate a treatment with validated outcomes seamlessly into workflow

See how this program is seamlessly integrated in two steps.

La Crosse Method Protocol outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate performance in healthcare. For more information, visit

Implementing the Allergy Control Program is straightforward:


We help activate a streamlined diagnostics and treatment plan using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol.

We equip your providers with the tools they need to successfully deliver care and create a seamless workflow to ensure consistency and better outcomes, including patient communication tools.

Our licensed pharmacy and industry-leading skin testing service provide support and expertise to guide providers through each step to confidently diagnose and prescribe custom allergy drop treatment for a wide range of patients.


Once the providers and clinic staff are trained, we continue to support you through our best practices program.

  • HIPAA-compliant provider portal to monitor patient adherence and easily create, track and manage treatment orders.
  • Pharmacy staff and medical advisors can provide guidance and support for a broad range of patient cases and complexity.
  • A Center of Excellence is available as a backstop for highly complex allergic cases needing referral to, or consultation with, an allergy specialist.
  • Business development team available to help you analyze claims data to identify your true allergy costs; and to help target which covered lives could be the best treatment candidates.

What's next?

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