Allergy Control Program for Onsite, Nearsite & DPC Clinics

Chronic health issues including allergy and asthma are primary contributors to the boomerang patient — those that return again and again for treatment, consume medication and appointment time, yet don’t seem to improve.

Allergychoices provides a path to stop the spiraling cost of allergy and related diseases, leading to a solution that delivers on the quadruple aim by improving allergy outcomes, lowering healthcare costs, expanding patient access, and delivering a more satisfying experience for clinicians.Managing these patients in an onsite environment with limited staffing and appointment allocation is a challenge. Not to mention the frustration clinicians feel when current treatments aren’t making the impact they’d hoped.

Allergychoices’ Allergy Control Program works seamlessly with onsite, nearsite and DPC clinics to quickly enable providers to diagnose and treat chronic allergy and related issues using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol for sublingual immunotherapy with validated outcomes.

Our program can help providers meet the Quadruple Aim

Improve outcomes:

  • Address hidden impact of allergy through a patient-tailored, disease modifying solution
  • Improve long-term health, comorbidities and quality of life for allergy patients

Lower healthcare costs:

  • Reduce unplanned office visits, procedures, and related medication needs
  • Modify disease and prevent long-term costs from unmanaged chronic issues

Improve patient experience:

  • Reduce side effects and safety issues associated with other forms of treatment
  • Improve access, convenience, and adherence with at-home administration

Improve clinician experience:

  • Efficiently integrate a proven, safe protocol into practice workflow
  • Enjoy more adherent, satisfied patients who didn’t respond to other treatments

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Allergy Choices Testimonial

I normally get a sinus infection every Labor Day and this is the first year that I actually made it without one… — Leslie from DE