How much do allergies impact your daily life?

Allergychoices is the #1 choice for giving providers and patients access to effective, affordable and safe allergy drop immunotherapy.

What Our Pharmacy Patients Have to Say:

"Having experienced 30 prior years of intermittent allergy shots, I can definitely say that sublingual immunotherapy is far superior to allergy shots in both effectiveness and convenience on a daily basis and especially when traveling. Easy to maintain adherence to treatment."

“My son has been a client for 5 years and successfully completed 29 allergens. This experience has been absolutely life-changing and lifesaving! I cannot recommend you enough!!!”

“You guys are great, and I wish all the other pharmacies were like you.”

“This company is amazing.”

“Everyone I have talked to has been wonderful! I think it's that Wisconsin hospitality! I have recommended you to several people with allergies. Keep up the good work!”

“I really appreciate that each time I contact the pharmacy, a friendly voice answers the phone. The Midwest charm and hospitality is very apparent in their demeanor. It's a pleasure dealing with this business.”

“Allergychoices has allowed me to be able to keep our cat! Thank you for improving my quality of life!”

What Sets Allergychoices Apart?

Providers Educated

Protocol with 50+ years
of Clinical Use

Patients Treated

97% Patients
Reported Adherence

92% Patients Reported
Pharmacy Satisfaction

95% Patients Rated
Treatment as Convenient

La Crosse Method Protocol Validated Outcomes

For 50+ years, the La Crosse Method Protocol has given providers and patients access to a personalized, safe, and effective method to treat moderate to debilitating and life-threatening allergies. The Protocol guides providers in treating each patient uniquely based on history, exam, and testing that identifies specific allergies and sensitivity levels.

Supported by published studies and more than 275,000 patients treated, the La Crosse Method is the most widely-used published SLIT protocol in the U.S. Outcomes have been validated through the Validation Institute, an independent team of population health scientists and bio-statisticians who provide objective review to validate healthcare performance.