Allergy Testing Diagnostics

No two patients are the same. Targeting allergy treatment specific to your patients’ needs requires clear and accurate allergy testing. Allergychoices can help you provide both, with diagnostic tools that work seamlessly with the La Crosse Method™ Protocol for customizing treatment based on each patient’s individual allergic fingerprint.

Precision Allergy Treatment Requires Precision Diagnostics

Allergy Skin Testing:
Precise, immediate results in your office

Adding skin testing to your practice gives your providers and patients:

  • Immediate test results
  • An easy-to-administer tool with relevant, reliable data
  • The opportunity to add a revenue stream to your practice.

Allergychoices provides industry-leading devices, extracts and associated training to quickly get your practice up and running so you can begin providing your patients with disease-modifying allergy treatment.

  • Immediate results
  • Typically more sensitive than in-vitro tests
  • Potential revenue stream to practice
  • More difficult for needle averse
  • Not for all patient populations – infants, needle averse, severe anaphylaxis risk, skin disease
  • Requires suspension of some medications before testing
  • Not recommended for food testing diagnosis
  • Staff and materials required

ImmunoCAP In Vitro Allergy Testing:
Gold standard for specific IgE for inhalants & foods

For practices in need of reference lab services, Allergychoices offers practices ImmunoCAP in vitro testing through its allergy reference lab, using a low (.10) cutoff to help detect a wide range of allergies. The lab offers:

  • Rapid turnaround
  • IgE and IgG testing
  • Custom panels to accommodate your practice’s unique testing needs*
  • 6 month sample storage if additional testing is needed
  • Affordable testing with streamlined panels to address critical allergens

If you don’t currently have an in-vitro testing resource, this might be a consideration for you to help you begin diagnosing and treating food allergy with no additional staffing or material investment.

*Lab services not available in NY; 3rd party services available in FL & CA.

  • Low risk for highly sensitive patients
  • Requires little staff time or overhead
  • Allows additional tests at a later date with serum sample
  • Medication suspension not required before testing
  • Ideal for testing food allergy
  • Quantifiable measure
  • Revenue stream in some states where allowed
  • Results available within 3-5 days
  • Less sensitive than skin testing
  • Can be more costly than skin testing