Excuses for NOT Starting Allergy Treatment (and reasons to start)

Besides all the reasons we share for why people start allergy drop treatment following the La Crosse Method™ Protocol — we hear a few common reasons of why people DON’T start treatment over and over. Here are the three of the most common, and why you should think twice about delaying treatment.

1. “My symptoms aren’t THAT bad”

Hearing about allergy worst-case scenarios can make you feel like your symptoms really aren’t that bad, and therefore not worthy of treatment. But the truth is that even the simplest version of allergy — chronic allergic rhinitis — can be (and should be) treated.

Though you might feel fine now, think of how you feel during your peak allergy season, how often you miss school, work, or life events, and how much over the counter medication you take to get by. Additionally, frequent sinusitis, ear infections, respiratory infections, headaches, or eczema breakouts, could all be related to your underlying allergy, adding to your “allergy bill” year after year.

There is no amount of suffering you must go through before you can seek treatment.


2. “I don’t want to pay out of pocket”

Choosing to pay for allergy drop treatment over three to five years often ends up being less expensive than buying over the counter and prescription medications that just mask the symptoms for years on end. When you continue to purchase antihistamines, creams, inhalers, medical office visits, items like purifiers, vacuum filters, mattress covers, and more, the cost adds up. This allergy calculator helps you determine how much you spend monthly to cover your symptoms.

Treatment for environmental allergies starts around $50 per month, and when treatment is successfully completed, the use of these medications and modifications is drastically reduced — or often eliminated. Your HSA or FLEX contributions can be used to cover the cost.


3. “I’ll take over-the-counter meds”

Using over-the-counter treatments can help temporarily, but they must be taken consistently — and for as long as you experience allergy (likely all your life). Some find that antihistamines become less effective over time.

While covering your symptoms will work, research finds that getting to the cause of your allergies with allergy drop treatment is beneficial in so many ways:

  • Can reduce incidents of allergy-related conditions like asthma, sinusitis, headaches, eczema
  • Natural treatment with no reported cases of life-threatening reactions
  • No short-term effects like drowsiness, or questionable long-term effects associated with antihistamines
  • Trains the body to not react to problem allergies long after you stop taking therapy
  • Can be taken anywhere — no weekly office visits needed

The sooner you start allergy drop treatment, the sooner you’ll be feeling better and off the cycle of medications.


Allergy drop bottles

Time to treat the cause?

Did any of those points hit home for you? If you’ve decided you want to consider treating the cause of your allergies this year, start by finding a provider near you that offers treatment following the La Crosse Method.