Allergy Treatment for the Frequent Flyer

These days, it’s unusual to NOT be on the go. Vacationers, college kids, those who travel for work, snow birds — it’s common to be somewhere one week, another place the next. For those with allergies, treating the cause with traditional methods can be difficult, requiring frequent office visits and doctor check ins. Allergy drops make it possible to travel near and far while still tackling the root cause of your allergies.

Fewer office visits

The biggest benefit of allergy drops for the person on-the-go is minimal office visits. With traditional allergy immunotherapy that goes beyond managing symptoms, allergy shots are administered weekly in the presence of an allergist, so office visits are a must. Because allergy drops are self-administered and have a high safety profile, the need for frequent appointments is eliminated.

Office visits are required only a handful of times during the first year of treatment. Beyond that, every 6-12 months is typically efficient to monitor allergic tolerance building.

Refills to wherever you are

Most patients won’t need to visit their provider to receive their next bottle; custom allergy drops are delivered to the patient’s front door every three months. If you’re in your hometown over the summer and your college dorm the next winter, your doctor may order your treatment to be delivered to wherever you are.

Over time, prescriptions have an increased dose of your offending allergens to help your body build allergic tolerance. Because allergy drops following the La Crosse Method Protocol are patient-tailored, there is a greatly reduced risk for a severe, life threatening reaction.

No complicated care for drops

Many people ask about the care of their allergy drops. Do they need any special care? The answer is not typically.

  • The drops are labeled with the all necessary prescription information, so they’re easily taken through airport security.
  • Because drops are in a glycerin base, they are stable at regular room temperatures. If you’ll be spending time in extreme temperatures, we recommend storing them in a consistent environment, such as a refrigerator.
  • Treatment is consistent throughout the entire process. Three doses a day, under the tongue, are the directions from the first day of treatment to the last.

You have more spending money

Many patients find that as they begin to build allergic tolerance, they save money on things they used to buy to keep their symptoms at bay. Think about:

  • Air purifiers
  • Copays for related doctor visits and procedures
  • Nasal sprays, eye drops, antihistamines, skin creams
  • Prescription medications
  • Missed work due to allergy related illness
  • Bed coverings and pillows
  • Insurance deductibles
  • Travel costs to appointments

Less money spent on symptom relievers means more money spent on travel and fun. Learn more about the cost of allergy.

Continuing allergy treatment amidst travel — and life in general — is possible. Treating the cause of your allergy can create lifelong allergic tolerance, and traveling without the sniffing and sneezing!

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