4 Major Reasons to Consider Immunotherapy

At what point do you move from temporarily managing your allergy symptoms with over-the-counter solutions, to treating the cause — often for good — with immunotherapy? And what are the benefits?

We’ll dive into the four major reasons people consider sublingual immunotherapy (also known as allergy drops), and why it’s beneficial for those with chronic seasonal and other environmental allergies, to those with multiple food allergies.

1. Reduce — or eliminate — symptoms

The reason most people look into allergy treatment is to reduce environmental allergy symptoms or add a layer of safety if accidentally exposed to food allergens.

Immunotherapy, the only disease-modifying allergy treatment, works by slowly introducing your body to the allergens that make you sick. Over time, the doses gradually and safely increase until your body is used to the allergen and learns not to react when exposed to it.

Because your body learns not to react, the results can be long-lasting. Symptom reduction can be long-term, so you won’t have to reach for over-the-counter medications to get through each of your allergy seasons.

When it comes to food allergies, allergy drops may add a layer of safety so that if accidentally exposed, the allergic individual doesn’t have a life-threatening reaction.


2. Improve related conditions

Many conditions that you may experience throughout the year can be related to allergy. Multiple sinus infections each year? Increased asthma symptoms come spring or fall? These can all be related to allergy.

By treating the cause of your underlying allergies, the related conditions that flare when exposed to your problematic allergies can be reduced. This includes:

For some, this is an added bonus to treating allergy. For others, this is a significant factor that leads them to treatment.


3. Save money over time

Sublingual immunotherapy can be a small investment for a lifetime of reduced allergy symptoms. On average, treatment takes three to five years, and the cost is manageable.

In comparison, you rack up bills each allergy season on over-the counter or related prescription medications, lifestyle modifications, products that help you feel better like air purifiers and filters, and more. This goes on in perpetuity because none of these options treat the cause of your illness.

This calculator shows you how much you could save by treating the cause of your allergy.


4. Increase your quality of life

Best of all, most patients find they have a better quality of life after successful treatment. Many patients find that they can get back to activities and things they love without fear of reaction or being sick.

In a 2021 Allergychoices survey, 96% of patients reported that they were satisfied with the treatment.

Another bonus — even during treatment, sublingual immunotherapy following The La Crosse Method™ Protocol doesn’t interrupt your life. There are no weekly office visits or painful allergy shots, you take your treatment wherever you are, and it’s pain-free.

Ready to take the leap and start treating the cause and changing the disease?

Start by finding a provider near you that is trained in using allergy drop treatment — personalized just for you — following the La Crosse Method Protocol.