3 Allergy Products Worth Investing In

Managing your allergies can be costly — especially when your daily antihistamine isn’t cutting out all of your symptoms. With so many products that claim to reduce allergy symptoms, it can be difficult to know which are worth the investment.

In this blog, read about three of the top allergy products that we find to be worth of the money.

Mattress covers

Good for: Dust Mite Allergies

Dust mites thrive in dark, warm places, so the mattress is their ideal space to live. Placing a hypoallergenic mattress cover on the mattress provides a barrier between you and the mattress that is inevitably filled with allergens, which can help reduce symptoms.

Because your skin cells can contribute to dust mite accumulation, the mattress cover can also help prevent additional dust mite growth. Continue to wash your bedding on high heat weekly to kill allergens that may have accumulated above the mattress.



HEPA filters

Good for: Dust Mite and Pet Allergies

HEPA filters — high-efficiency particulate air filters — are a great way to reduce indoor allergens in your home, mainly dust mites and pet dander, but even mold, too.

These specialized filters grab and hold even the smallest particles, so they’re no longer in the air you breathe within your home.

You can get HEPA filters for your air purifier, but we also suggest you get them for the vacuum. It’s easy to forget about the allergens that may have made a home in the fluffy carpet in your home — especially bedrooms.


Air Conditioning

Good for: Seasonal Environmental Allergies (trees, ragweed, grass, etc.)

An air conditioner isn’t something you would typically categorize as an allergy product, but it has a big benefit for people with environmental allergies.

When a home doesn’t have air conditioning, most people choose to leave the windows open to get air circulation and a little bit of cooling. Unfortunately, window screens aren’t protective enough to keep pollen particles out, so they sneak through and land on your home’s surfaces.

Because the pollen is inside the home, your body experiences almost constant exposure, meaning symptoms can be more long-lasting and feel more severe. It can make your seasonal allergies unbearable.


Disease-modifying treatment

All of these products can help reduce symptoms when you’re exposed, but they don’t get to the root cause of the issue. Immunotherapy is the only treatment that treats the cause of allergies, and it comes in two forms — allergy drops and allergy shots.

When you treat the cause, the results are often long lasting. Personalized allergy drops are a safe and effective option that can help reduce, or eliminate, your symptoms after successful treatment. Learn more about the benefits of disease-modifying allergy drop treatment.