Mold Allergy Treatment

Mold can be found in many places like musty attics or basements, and outdoors in wooded areas or shady back yards. Molds grow in wet or humid indoor and outdoor conditions, and are a hazard in flooded areas. Need help finding the molds that trigger your allergies?

While mold exposure is universal, symptoms depend on your sensitivity to mold, your exposure to mold, and whether you may be sensitive to other allergens.

Mold allergy symptoms include

The conditions that promote mold growth also increase the prevalence of allergens such as ragweed and dust mite.

Can allergy drops help mold allergy?

Mold allergy treatment should begin with reducing exposure by removing mold sources, decreasing the humidity in your home and increasing ventilation.

Sublingual immunotherapy for mold allergy is used to reduce allergic sensitivity so that over the course of treatment, you can safely increase tolerance to mold and reduce allergic reactions.

Try these tips for helping to combat mold allergy exposure

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