Choosing An Allergy and Asthma-Friendly Overnight Camp

It’s summer camp season! Just because your child has allergies or asthma doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the magic of camp and the lifelong memories that come with it. This blog gives a few items to consider when choosing a camp – with summer allergies and asthma in mind.


There is nothing like the coziness of a log cabin filled with bunk beds at summer camp.

Is there air conditioning in the cabin, or will the windows be open all night? The near-constant allergy exposure while sleeping with the windows open can cause your child to feel even more miserable. A camp with AC in the cabins may be a better choice, so the body can recover at night with less allergen exposure.

What is the condition of the cabins? If they’re older, there may be a higher risk of dust and mold, which can cause symptoms for those with indoor allergies and may cause asthma flare ups. It may be beneficial to see if there is a newer cabin for your child, to bring modifications like an air purifier, mattress covers, or to request a thorough cleaning before you arrive.



Is there laundry service at the camp? If laundry services aren’t available at the camp, it’s best to provide enough clean clothes for every day. Re-wearing clothes that have been outdoors can keep symptoms lingering, as pollen gets embedded in the fibers.

Along with this, have your child avoid using clotheslines for clothes or towels. Items hanging from clotheslines tend to be like screens that grab pollen floating through the air. The key may be to just bring extras of everything – especially towels.

Educated Staff

Most important when putting your child into someone else’s hands is trusting the people looking after them.

Is there a nurse on staff? You can request to meet with them (or have a phone call) to explain your child’s needs. Provide the nurse with daily and emergency medications, creams, nasal rinses, eye drops, inhalers and whatever else your child may need. This will give you peace of mind for the “what-if’s” while they’re away.

Treat the Cause

Just because your child is gone for weeks at a time at camp doesn’t mean they can’t partake in disease-modifying treatment. Personalized allergy drop immunotherapy following The La Crosse Method™ Protocol treats the cause of allergy by slowly and safely introducing the allergy to your body until your immune system is trained to no longer react and cause symptoms. These allergy drops can be taken safely from wherever you are – so summer camp won’t put a damper on your child’s treatment goals.

Find a provider near you trained in allergy drop immunotherapy following the La Crosse Method to help you and your child get on a path to stop the suffering.