Animals That Cause Allergy Symptoms (Beyond Pets!)

When most people think about animal allergies, they typically jump to dogs and cats – the usual household pets. But, because humans have allergic reactions to animal saliva, dander, and urine, allergic symptoms may come from a wide variety of critters.

Allergy drop treatment following the La Crosse Method Protocol can be used to treat the cause of allergy symptoms from a wide variety of animals – from your typical pets, to farm animals, to insects and beyond. Learn more about allergenic animals and treatment in this blog.


As you know, dogs and cats cause allergies for many people. Though some pets are claimed to be hypoallergenic, there is no way to guarantee a dog or cat is completely allergy free, as their urine and saliva can cause reactions, and currently there is no real way to reduce either of those elements.

Other pets like guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits can cause allergy symptoms in the same way.

With pets inside the house, it makes a nearly constant exposure. Even when you leave the house, the allergens can remain in your hair or on your clothes, prolonging the symptoms long after you step away from your pets.

Farm Animals

Like household pets, furry farm animals can cause allergic reactions in the same way – think cows, sheep, and horses. Believe it or not, pigs also have a dander that can be bothersome for those who are allergic. A rash can develop from direct exposure – like petting or brushing an animal – but respiratory symptoms can happen when the dander is inhaled.

Though they’re not furry in the same way, chickens produce dander and other allergenic substances, despite their feathers, and may leave you sneezing after visiting the chicken coop.

An allergy to these animals is especially hard for those who live or work on a farm, and treating the cause is the only way to keep living and working at the farm comfortable long-term.


It’s common for people to react to bites from mosquitoes and fire ants with redness, inflammation and itching. But do you know someone who seems to always have a larger than normal reaction? It’s likely an allergy.

The saliva of fire ants and mosquitoes can cause an allergic reaction when they bite, leading to extra-large skin reactions, burning, and excessive itching when they are bit. Though it’s not typically a life-threatening reaction, it is certainly uncomfortable and not easy to avoid.

Another insect that causes allergy symptoms is the cockroach. With this insect, reactions occur when the body parts of dead cockroaches, their waste, and their saliva are inhaled (it’s similar to a dust mite reaction!).

Treating the Cause

Allergy drop immunotherapy can be used to treat the cause of the allergy to animals and insects. By slowly and safely increasing amounts of the offending allergen through allergy drops, your body can learn to tolerate the animal when exposed. Find a provider near you that is trained in offering this disease-modifying treatment to get started.