6 Apps That Help With Allergy Management

Managing your allergies is a big job – and can be a lifesaving practice. Like anything these days, there’s technology that can help make it simpler. In this blog, we’re talking about free apps that can help with adherence to your allergy treatment and medications, as well as food and environmental allergy management.

Adherence apps

Remembering to take your allergy medications is crucial to keeping your symptoms low.

Taking your immunotherapy consistently is also key to building long-term tolerance to your offending allergens. With sublingual immunotherapy (or allergy drops) following the La Crosse Method™ Protocol, patients take three doses a day.

Many people rely on apps or other reminder options to make sure all of their daily allergy drop doses, or their symptom-relieving medications are taken. Here are a few apps that are great for reminding you to be adherent:


MyTherapy and Medisafe Medication Manager

These free apps are similar and provide helpful adherence tools for medications, treatments, vitamins, and more. The most notable feature – they provide notifications when it’s time to take your meds. But, they can also let you know when you’re due for a refill, and allow you to track your symptoms. By tracking these elements of your health, the apps create a report that can be shared with your provider to ensure the care you are getting outside of their practice is working for you.

A bonus feature for both of these apps: the element of teamwork. Add members of your family or support system to receive a notification if a dose is missed. This is a great option for parents to help manage their child’s allergy immunotherapy and medication.


Food allergy

There are so many things that go into managing food allergy. From finding safe restaurants, to looking for hidden ingredients, to keeping up-to-date epinephrine auto injectors – your hands (and schedules) are full. These apps can help manage some of the big burdens food allergy brings.


In the Spokin app, you can find reviews on restaurants and products from other food allergic individuals – and you can leave your own reviews, too. They also give information about food allergy-friendly camps, hotels and more!


In the ShopWell app, create your own food profile, listing what foods you need to avoid. Then, scan the barcode of different products and you’ll be alerted if they’re safe or not safe for you to consume. They even provide alternative options if the product you scanned isn’t safe.

You don’t have to deal with food allergy alone. Download one, or all of these apps, and see how they may fit into your daily life.


Environmental allergy

It’s difficult to avoid your environmental allergens, but these apps may help you determine what’s causing your symptoms, and help you avoid them.


If you haven’t yet determined what may be causing your allergy symptoms, an app like Tally could help. Track your symptoms – when, what, and how long – and bring them to your next primary care or allergy appointment. This will give the provider a thorough symptom history, and allow them to test you for, and determine, your problematic allergies.

*Only available in the App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch

Pollen.com’s Allergy Alert

If your provider has determined which allergens cause your symptoms, it’s smart to track those pollen counts on an app like Pollen.com Allergy Alert. It will tell you what days, and what time of day, each pollen is at its peak to allow you to avoid the outdoors or wear protective measures.


Of course, keeping up with your treatment and symptom relievers can help, too. Maybe one, two, or all of these apps can come together to make managing your allergies just a little bit simpler.

We have other tips for remembering to take your allergy meds – you can find them here. And if you’re interested in starting and tracking a treatment that treats the cause of underlying food and environmental allergies, consider finding a provider near you.