3 signs you should be tested for allergy & 3 benefits of testing

To many, being tested for allergies seems like a bigger hassle than it’s worth — it can be time consuming and uncomfortable — but that’s changing. This is your sign that it may be time to rethink this notion.

Below are three signs you may be a good candidate for allergy testing, and three benefits you may find from testing.


3 signs you may need to be allergy tested

1. Overusing over-the-counter medications for cold symptoms

Though it may be part of your normal routine, consistently taking medications to combat a stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, congestion, and more, isn’t normal — and the long-term effects can be damaging. There is a cause behind cold-like symptoms, and if the symptoms don’t improve or hit at the same season each year, the cause may be allergy.

2. Recurring skin issues

If you have skin reactions when trying new products, eating certain foods, using new detergent, or randomly — with little explanation — allergies could be to blame. Allergy can manifest in many ways, and atopic dermatitis, or eczema, is one of them. Allergy testing can help determine the specific culprit.

3. Having ear tubes as a child

If you had ear tubes as a child (or if your child has ear tubes), it could be a sign of a bigger allergic issue. This blog explains how behind every infection, there’s an underlying illness — like cold, flu, or allergy — that causes the nasal passages and ear tubes to swell. Many providers opt for ear tubes instead of identifying and treating the underlying cause, and allergy testing may be the key to determining why you have ear issues.


Three benefits of allergy testing

1. Find out what you’re allergic to and how severe

This is the obvious benefit. Like we’ve said, allergy testing, whether skin testing or blood testing, can determine not only what you’re allergic to, but how severe the allergy is. This, along with an exam and thorough history, gets you the information you need to seek change to help you feel better.

2. Can help you modify your life to avoid symptoms/major reactions

Once you determine which allergens cause your symptoms, you can modify elements of your life to avoid major reactions.

For example, if your testing determines you’re allergic to almonds, you can take steps to eliminate that from your diet.

If you’re allergic to dust mites, you can take measures to reduce them in your home — like routinely washing bedding on high heat, using a mattress cover, and more.

3. Treat the cause to end suffering

Maybe the largest benefit to allergy testing is the opportunity to treat the cause of the disease with immunotherapy if you choose.

Allergychoices advocates for sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, following The La Crosse Method™ Protocol. Using your testing results, providers can create a custom allergy drop prescription that, over time, trains your body to stop reacting to your problem allergens.

If you’re ready to get to the root cause of your allergies, find a provider near you that tests for and treats the cause of allergy with allergy drops.