Glycerin: The Ideal Diluent for Sublingual Immunotherapy Allergy Drops

Using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol at Allergychoices, we believe that a critical point of under the tongue delivery of the antigens for sublingual immunotherapy is the vehicle in which the antigens are suspended. Our nearly 45 year history with custom sublingual immunotherapy allergy drops, along with 195,000 patients and billions of treatment doses, has pointed to glycerin as the diluent of choice.

The physical stability of glycerin at a 50% concentration preserves the structure and biological activity of the allergens at room temperature. Glycerin is an ideal diluent for mixed allergens and allergenic products for treatment of allergic disease. With a slightly sweet taste, the drop experience is pleasant and easy for all ages. We have found that this mixture keeps the extracts stable for the defined prescription duration at room temp, easily allowing allergic patients to continue their sublingual immunotherapy treatment wherever they are – home, work or traveling in all sorts of occupations from children at home to the far reaches of military deployment; an ideal solution for allergy treatment.

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on the Key Tenets of the La Crosse Method Practice Protocol.

Author: Mike Kachel, RPh, Allergychoices Pharmacy Director


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