Essential School Supplies for Children With Allergies And Asthma

For many parents, sending their allergic or asthmatic children back to school can be a nightmare. It can trigger worry of your child’s safety as they are exposed to an environment with many different substances that could potentially harm them. That’s why we put together a list of essential school supplies your allergic child should have when going back to school.

Epinephrine injectors

Equipping your child with an epinephrine injector is crucial for life-threatening allergies. Contact school staff to discuss storing pens in a safe place within the building. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that epinephrine injectors are up to date as they expire every year.

Medical alert bracelet or sticker

Sending an indicator with your child is a great option to avoid cross contamination or any other incidents. One option includes having your child wear a fun bracelet that indicates their allergies. If this is annoying or uncomfortable, try attaching a sticker or label to your child’s lunchbox, water bottle, desk, etc. This label should include a list of all of your child’s allergies.


Lunch box

Providing allergic children — especially younger children — with a unique lunchbox that stands out can be beneficial. This prevents your child and other children from mistaking lunch boxes for their own.


For children with seasonal allergies, sending antihistamines with them can help manage symptoms. Be sure to check your school’s rules to make sure your child can self-administer, or if medication must be stored in a safe and controlled area.


Allergy Plan Documentation

It’s also a good idea to have an allergy plan to give to the school. This plan should include things such as the child’s allergies and symptoms, and clear instruction of steps to take in an emergency where your child is experiencing anaphylaxis.


Meet with school staff to discuss storing an inhaler in a safe and controlled area. Along with the inhaler, including instructions on how to use the inhaler safely and effectively.


There are numerous things you can send with your children to school to keep them safe from allergies and asthma. All in all, having a clear communication plan between your child and your school is most important.

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