Can allergy drops make you sleepy?

Allergy drop immunotherapy does not make you sleepy. Some allergy symptom-relievers, like Benadryl, list drowsiness as a side effect, so you need to be thoughtful about when you take them. But, disease-modifying treatment like allergy drops, or sublingual immunotherapy, does not – because the ingredients are simple.

The only ingredients in allergy drops following the La Crosse Method Protocol are:

  • Extracts of the allergens you are allergic to
  • Glycerin solution for stability

These ingredients do not cause drowsiness. Knowing this, patients are free to take their allergy drops at any time of the day that’s most convenient for them.

Most patients don’t report side effects, but some have experienced mild mouth itching when they first start to take their prescription, or when the extracts in the prescription are increased over time. Mild stomach upset has also been reported.

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