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As interest grows regarding sublingual immunotherapy (or allergy drops) and the options it provides patients, media attention and discussion continues to expand. Allergychoices and the practices we work with often lead the discussion with new information and clinical insights.

As more people are affected by food and environmental allergies, the need for disease modifying treatment that does more than temporarily relieve symptoms becomes increasingly important. Immunotherapy, the only disease modifying treatment, is and ever-growing treatment. Want the facts about sublingual immunotherapy?

Q & A with Dr. Mary Morris, Allergychoices Medical Advisor, from Allergymoms.comSublingual immunotherapy, commonly referred to as allergy drops, is expected to rise to the challenge as a highly effective, safe, easy to administer, and affordable treatment approach that offers hope to a wider array of allergy sufferers. For more than 45 years, Allergychoices’ founders have been at the forefront of this treatment approach, and are widely recognized for helping hundreds of physicians from around the country safely and effectively integrate this approach into their clinical practices.

Our Medical Advisor, Dr. Mary Morris, and Allergychoices physician clients have been interviewed about allergy drops and featured in publications and media outlets including National Geographic Adventure, Family Circle, Parenting, Prevention, Women’s Health,, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Providence Journal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, St. Paul Pioneer Press, WCCO-TV of Minneapolis-St.Paul, and WGN-Chicago, among others.

If you are interested in speaking with our Medical Advisor or finding a physician in your market who can speak to the benefits of sublingual immunotherapy, please call (866) 793-1680, ext. 213.

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Allergy Choices Testimonial

Treatment is simple, with just one drop under the tongue three times daily and a quarterly visit with the doctor. — Stephanie, mother of patient in TX