Practice Growth & Marketing Services

Begin offering SLIT effectively and efficiently by using what works

  • Sample of a poster promoting allergy dropsBrochures, posters, educational handouts available — tools that are ready for use in your practice
    • Benefit from the significant investment in time, money, research & expertise by industry leaders who have developed and designed materials to support your patient and practice goals
    • Invaluable for smaller practices that don’t have marketing staff
    • Assurance that these are carefully-written, professionally-designed materials that will have an impact with your patients
    • Adherence education materials and tracking tools for the patient
    • Adherence and tracking tools for the practice
  • Best Practices guide you to building patient and practice success
    • Users’ Guide outlines tools and resources
    • Practice portal for 24/7 access to resources
    • Content ideas for your website and social media
    • Assistance with referring provider relations