ImmunoCAP Reference Laboratory Services

Expand your testing capabilities and expertise with blood testing.

It’s an ideal solution for practices who:

  • Are limited on staffing and resources
  • Need an accurate, reproducible way to test allergies with no investment
  • Want to complement their skin testing with blood testing
  • Wish to seamlessly integrate patient-specific testing and custom treatment

How does allergy blood testing work?

Depending upon your practice needs, we’ll work with you to:

  1. Develop custom testing panels for your region and practice goals
  2. Instruct staff on sending samples with our postage-paid kits
  3. Equip your team with knowledge to apply results to custom patient treatment using the La Crosse Method Protocol

Why choose Allergychoices Reference Laboratory Services?

  • Our focus is allergy
  • We use Phadia ImmunoCAP technology, the gold standard in hundreds of labs worldwide
  • You can choose from allergen specific IgE or IgG assays
  • Our large inventory of 300 antigens includes common and unique antigens to cover your needs
  • We’ll help you develop a custom regional inhalant panel to match your geographic region and that’s streamlined to reduce redundancies from cross-reactive allergens
  • Highly sensitive assays (0.10 kU/L) provide more sensitive reporting to ensure problem allergens are not overlooked
  • Samples are held for six months to allow additional testing when needed
  • Consistent, reproducible results help you monitor results over time and adjust treatment based on clinical measures
  • Two day free shipping for samples; rapid turnaround and excellent customer service
  • CLIA and COLA accredited
  • Additional molecular components available; third-party testing available in CA, FL
    *blood testing not available in NY

Getting started is easy, and can help you quickly get on your way to helping more patients. Our implementation team is available to work with your team to bring the benefits of in vitro testing to your practice affordably, safely and efficiently. And if you’re already using other testing methods, we’re happy to discuss how we could help you streamline your process and potentially reduce your costs.