Allergy Skin Testing Services

Allergy skin testing services are ideal for practices interested in:
  • Immediate allergy test results at your practice while patients wait
  • Retaining allergy patients within your practice
  • Expanding revenue opportunity through allergy testing services
  • Saving money on diagnostic supplies through partner discounts
  • Streamlining existing skin testing services to reduce waste in supplies
  • Seamless integration of specific testing and custom treatment
  • Ongoing support from established and trusted leaders in diagnostics and treatment

How does allergy skin testing work?

Depending upon your practice needs and goals, we’ll work with you to:

  1. Develop custom testing panels for your region and patient needs
  2. Identify and coordinate antigen and related supplies based on treatment goals and minimizing waste
  3. Enable your team to confidently and successfully implement testing using industry-leading devices
  4. Equip your team with knowledge to apply test results to custom treatment using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol

Getting started is easy, and can help you quickly get on your way to helping more patients. Our implementation team is available to work with your team to bring the benefits of skin testing to your practice affordably, safely and efficiently. And if you’re already using skin testing, we’re happy to discuss how we could help you streamline your process and potentially reduce your costs.