How Can I Reduce My Allergies Naturally?

In 2024, people are questioning all the products, supplements, and medications they use daily, and for good reason. There are apps to scan skin care products for ingredients, labels claiming “sulfate free,” and ever-changing food ingredient labels.

It’s smart to examine the medications you take every day, or every season, and see if there are more natural and safe ways to find relief. When it comes to allergy, treating the cause not only has long-lasting effects, but it’s also natural through sublingual immunotherapy — or personalized allergy drops.


Common Treatments

The most common treatments for allergy are not treatments at all — they’re symptom-relievers that work temporarily to make you feel better. They don’t get to the cause, and they’re not all natural.

Antihistamines are used most often to reduce the itching, sneezing, and congestion brought on my allergies. When your body is exposed to your problem allergen, it responds by releasing histamine, and that’s what causes symptoms. Antihistamines, an over-the-counter medication, reduce the amount of histamine released so symptoms can be reduced.

There are other over-the-counter medications like nasal sprays and ointments that spot-treat specific symptoms, but most often, they contain ingredients that could potentially be harmful if used long-term.


A Natural Option

There is a natural way to treat the underlying cause of allergy — and that’s allergy drop immunotherapy. Through allergy drops, you slowly introduce your body to the allergens that cause symptoms, increasing the amount of allergen over time. Slowly, the body recognizes the allergen as safe, and doesn’t react.

Allergy drop immunotherapy following the La Crosse Method™ Protocol starts after allergy testing, exam, and medical history. Based on these puzzle pieces, an allergy clinician creates a prescription that contains each identified allergen at a precise level unique to you — enough to help build tolerance, but not too much to cause symptoms.

The specific amount of each allergen is mixed with glycerin for stability, and that’s it. Only two ingredients. No other preservatives or components are in a prescription, keeping it natural and straightforward.

Patients take treatment for three to five years, and throughout that time, the amount of allergen is incrementally and safely increased. Over time, the body gets used to the allergens that used to cause symptoms, and allergy symptoms are reduced (or even eliminated). This is life-long learning for the body, so many patients live without symptoms after they’re done.

If you’re on a health journey that encourages natural products, consider how treating the cause of allergy may eliminate one, or many, products in your routine that aren’t positively impacting you. Start by finding a clinician near you that offers allergy testing and treatment that takes advantage of your body’s power to heal itself.