3 Reasons Allergy Drops are Ideal for School-Aged Children

Starting children on allergy immunotherapy while they’re young has a lot of benefits – they feel better, they miss less school, and it can halt the allergic march. But the idea of weekly injections can be scary and unrealistic for school-aged children.

That’s where sublingual immunotherapy, or allergy drops, come in. This safe, simple, at-home (or wherever you are) treatment is ideal for kids for a myriad of reasons. There’s no need to leave school or other commitments for weekly appointments, and no “scary” needles are involved. A bonus for parents is that after successful treatment, the underlying fear of “what if my child is exposed to their allergen?” may be minimized.

No weekly appointments

Missing school, sports, or playdates is not in the best interest of kids – or their parents—as this can lead to missed workdays. With other allergy treatments, weekly appointments are the norm and can become a nuisance to parents managing work, carpool schedules and after-school activities.

Personalized allergy drop immunotherapy requires appointments for testing and periodical treatment check ins, but in comparison to weekly visits, they’re minimal. The La Crosse Method™ Protocol suggests patients check in with their provider quarterly or as your provider advises based on the severity of allergies.

The treatment can be taken at home, at school, in the car, or wherever is convenient for the child and the parent.


No “scary” needles

Most kids don’t like shots or needles – so parents across the country are drawn to allergy drop treatment through the La Crosse Method.

Through a specially calibrated dispenser, patients take three metered doses under the tongue daily. It’s pain-free, convenient to the schedules of on-the-go kids, and some even enjoy the slightly sweet taste of their allergy drops.

Less fear of accidental exposure

The goal of allergy drop treatment for environmental allergies may be to eliminate symptoms when exposed to that allergen, or to feel better during the allergy season. For food allergies, the goal is often to build tolerance so that in the case of accidental exposure, the risk of severe reactions is minimized. Some patients may be able to re-introduce the allergenic food back into the diet safely.

This is often what parents love about treatment. After successful treatment, their child may build tolerance to their offending allergens and parents can send them to school, daycare, summer camp, eventually even college or wherever it may be, with a little more peace of mind.


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