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Are you tired of seeing allergy patients suffer without a safe, disease-modifying treatment? There is a safe and effective option!

Today, less than five percent of the 50 to 60 million U.S. allergy sufferers receive the benefit of immunotherapy — the only treatment that addresses the root cause of allergies. That leaves 95% of the allergic population needlessly suffering with allergic disease. Clinical experience shows, and research validates, that sublingual immunotherapy’s safety and convenience profile broadens the range of candidates for immunotherapy beyond traditional injection immunotherapy.


Today, providers can offer patients an additional choice for a long-term allergy solution. Allergychoices can help your practice integrate custom, patient-specific sublingual immunotherapy using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol — blending European and U.S. sublingual immunotherapy traditions and research — with nearly a half century of practical clinical experience.

Why do providers look to Allergychoices for expertise and resources to deliver sublingual immunotherapy?

Among the reasons is our commitment to:

  • Providing La Crosse Method Protocol training for medical providers across the U.S., and treatment support for tens of thousands of patients backed by 45+ years of clinical expertise and research
  • Allergy treatment options to support the full range of allergy patients, from general to complex, with flexible and patient-specific treatment options for inhalant, environmental, food, and preseasonal (rush) immunotherapy
  • Advocacy for providers looking for ways to provide personalized, safe, and effective allergy treatment
  • Advocacy for patients — expanding the number of providers dedicated to offering affordable sublingual immunotherapy treatment options for a broad range of allergic issues
  • Advocacy for, and leaders in, ongoing research and education to provide better patient care based on the latest data

Learn why more sublingual immunotherapy providers choose to help more patients using the services and expertise of Allergychoices, the U.S. leaders in sublingual immunotherapy diagnostics and custom treatment.