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Expand your treatment options. Get started.How can you make sure the principles of sublingual immunotherapy using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol are accepted and implemented effectively in your practice?

Our staff has unique expertise to help you build a successful sublingual immunotherapy practice from the ground up and can help navigate the implementation issues including:

  • Staff training and education
  • Business issues
  • Operational considerations including testing and workflow
  • Patient communication strategies that help ensure staff confidence, expertise, and success in delivering SLIT to your patients
  • Patient management support and consultation
  • Practice growth, referral relations, and external marketing

Sublingual immunotherapy practice provider holding a stethoscopeWe offer:

We work as an extension of your practice, bringing expertise in critical areas that shorten your implementation time without increasing your overhead, and help ensure your staff can focus their time on important patient issues. We’ll work with you to develop testing and treatment panels based on your region and patient needs.

As you begin identifying and treating patients, you have a direct link to our staff, physicians, and pharmacists whose expertise day in and day out is focused on providing safe, effective and customized solutions for allergy sufferers using allergy drop immunotherapy. With Allergychoices, you can be assured of having experienced staff to help you comfortably address the full range of patient conditions through the full course of treatment.