Clinical Practice Support

Looking to expand your practice? We can help!We recognize that treating patients with immunotherapy is a science and an art — understanding the science is critical to making accurate diagnoses and treatment plans, yet there is an art form in treating individual and often complex patient conditions.

Our clinical team comprised of registered pharmacists and licensed medical staff is a vital part of the team that can support you as you apply the principles of the La Crosse Method™ Protocol across a wide array of patients and allergy-related conditions. With Allergychoices, you can be assured of expertise from clinical leaders in sublingual immunotherapy to support you throughout initial dosing, escalation, and ongoing patient management issues.

Our team is made up of:

  • Clinical Support is available to address your clinical needs. Our team is backed by the expertise of medical staff with more than 45 years of experience developing, refining and implementing the La Crosse Method Protocol. They are pioneers in SLIT practice implementation and management and continue to be on the forefront in research efforts and advancements.
  • Registered Pharmacists and licensed technicians have extensive experience in compounding and La Crosse Method dosing. Pharmacists follow U.S. Pharmacopeaia good practices and licensure per individual state requirements, and are available daily for consultation.