My Son’s Story with Allergy Drops

Over the past eight years, I’ve taken my son to several allergy specialists in different states and our experience at Allergy Associates of La Crosse was very different. They have it down to a science and that includes taking care of you, and your time, while you are there.

When you make an appointment, they’ll ask you for a detailed history that they need at least two weeks before your appointment. There was no doubt that Dr. Mary Morris not only read this history well in advance, but that she was already trying to unravel the mystery of my son’s severely allergic condition well before we got to our appointment. She asked us eight or nine questions and based on our answers, she gave us some options for how we could proceed.

We discussed immunotherapy allergy drops for certain foods and she asked us to have the first dose administered in the office. We were sent home with our two bottles of allergy drops, one for inhalant and one for food allergies.

We give my son one drop from each bottle, three times per day. He’s had no reactions whatsoever. Now here’s the good part. His eczema is improving already! He had one of those resistant patches on his cheek and it’s all but gone! The area behind his knees is improving too.

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