Mark’s story with allergy drops

I have been suffering from allergies all my life. Like most people, I started with over-the-counter medications. Some worked and some didn’t. As I grew older the medicine seemed to offer very little relief. I was always congested year-round and would sniff constantly even if my nose wasn’t running. Being out in the heat or any alcohol consumption would send my allergies into overdrive. People would constantly tell me to blow my nose, which was embarrassing because I couldn’t help it.

I have had two sinus surgeries hoping to relieve my conditions. The first one went well but the effects only lasted a year. My second surgery also went well but within six months I had the same symptoms. So I went to see an allergist. He gave me the standard tests and prescribed practically every oral medication and nasal spray out there during my treatment, all with the same results. If some worked, they only worked for a brief time. I then went to see the allergist in my doctor’s office. She did the full range of tests and found out that I was allergic to dust mites, cats and some different kinds of grass and trees.

I was told that I could do the standard allergy shots or sublingual allergy drops. While both the shots and drops have to be taken for three to five years, there were reasons why I chose the allergy drops. The downside with allergy shots is that I would have to go to my doctor’s office to get the shot, I would have a co-pay for each visit and let’s face it, it’s a shot. It made more sense to me to get the allergy drops. It was easier than trying to constantly get appointments. Also, while the allergy drops are not covered under my insurance, when I priced it out, I would have spent the same amount of money in co-pays for allergy shots.

I know there is misleading information out there about allergy drops which is why I too was a bit skeptical. I have to be honest; I have noticed a huge difference in my allergies within the first 30 days of taking the allergy drops. I am no longer congested. I don’t constantly sniff and I am not relying on any other medication to try and relieve my symptoms. Other people I have talked to are envious that I get to take the sublingual allergy drops. This form of immunotherapy has changed my life.

Downingtown, PA