What are the advantages of allergy drops?

Allergy drops treat the underlying cause of your allergies, not just the symptoms which means you’ll see long-term benefits that you can’t get from temporary allergy symptom-relieving medications. Even people who can’t tolerate or didn’t benefit from shots or other treatments may benefit from drops.

In addition to being a safe and viable option for people of all ages and health conditions, there are more advantages:

Lower cost, fewer clinic visits.

Compared to shots and many medications, allergy drops typically cost less over time. Most patients taking allergy drops need only a few clinic visits the first year, and then once every 6-12 months thereafter until visits are no longer needed. That can also mean a lot less time away from work or school.

More convenient.

You can take allergy drops at home or wherever you are, making it much easier to stay with your treatment.

Less medication.

Patients report, and research confirms, that they typically need less medication to control symptoms within a few months of beginning allergy drops. Many report that they no longer need allergy-related medication after completing their therapy.

Enjoy healthier days.

The end benefit of taking drops consistently? Feeling better, more productive and better able to enjoy life and activities that allergies once made it hard to enjoy.