How do I know I am getting treatment customized for me?

Allergychoices environmental allergy dropsWhen diagnosing a patient through the La Crosse Method Protocol, your “allergic fingerprint” is identified through a thorough exam, history, and testing. Your provider develops an allergy drop treatment based on your specific level of sensitivity to the precise items that cause your allergic reactions.

Allergy drops are personalized to your needs in an optimal dose that allows you to build tolerance, and because they are unique to you and your level of tolerance, there’s less risk of reactions. The treatment dose provides enough antigen to help you build tolerance, but not enough to cause an unnecessary reaction.

And since most patients are allergic to more than one thing, patients receive treatment for multiple allergies at once. Treatment is mixed in a glycerin base that keeps antigens stable at room temperature. As your allergy treatment journey progresses, we work with your provider to formulate stronger doses as your tolerance builds to each allergen. Like your fingerprint, treatment is uniquely yours.

With your prescription, you receive a list of each antigen included in your therapy.