The Allergychoices Difference

Sublingual immunotherapy has gained momentum and recognition as a viable alternative to subcutaneous injection for allergic adults and children. However, not all forms of sublingual immunotherapy are the same. At Allergychoices, we advocate the La Crosse Method™ Practice Protocol because it offers a comprehensive, safe, and effective approach to treat a broad range of allergic patients. Its outcomes were validated by the Validation Institute, and independent group of population health scientists, in 2018.

This treatment protocol is enhanced with the vast and unrivaled clinical experience in providing sublingual immunotherapy to more than 195,000 patients over 45+ years. In addition, the Protocol authors participate in research studies and keep up on the latest available research literature. With their guidance we have helped train thousands of physicians around the country using this Protocol.

Dose Amounts
One of the biggest hurdles to widespread adoption has been the variability of sublingual immunotherapy dosing. Clinical trials have reported dosing ranges from .017 to 500 times the amount given in allergy shots, yet both positive and negative results have been reported. The La Crosse Method addresses these issues by focusing on the right dose for your “allergic fingerprint.” Your specific test results, along with your history and exam, are used to create a custom dose for you—high enough to be effective, but not unnecessarily high to increase risk of reactions or expense. Just as no two patients, and no two fingerprints, are identical, your dose is optimized to create an effective dose uniquely for you.

Dose Frequency
In addition, research shows that dose frequency may be as important, or more important, to patient success than the dose amount. A hallmark of the La Crosse Method lies in the three times a day dosing—every day—that provides constant stimulation of the key cells that are critical to building allergen tolerance.

Dose Simplicity
The La Crosse Method also offers the simplicity of consistent patient instructions throughout treatment—patients are not sent home with complex or varying dosing instructions or multiple bottles for the same allergies. Patients are prescribed one vial for their specific environmental allergies and one vial for specific food and chemical allergies containing a 90-day treatment supply. Doses are escalated as you build tolerance, but your dose regimen stays the same.

Contact us if you are interested in finding a physician that has experience treating patients using the La Crosse Method protocol.

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