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Tips to Help Make Going Back to School a Success

By Beth Davidson, Allergychoices

The start of another school year is filled with joy and excitement. And when planning the school year for an allergic child, it can be a bit nerve wracking too. Make this school year a bit less stressful with planning and education for the allergic child and school staff.

The goal for parents and educators is to limit missed or unproductive school days and to get the most out of the learning environment for allergic children. Parents and educators can work together to make sure allergic children stay healthy.

Here are some important tips for going back to school:

While these tips can help keep allergic children safer at school, treatment using sublingual immunotherapy (or allergy drops) could help change the child’s underlying allergic disease so these triggers no longer affect them.

Sublingual immunotherapy has proven especially helpful for children with eczema, asthma, and recurrent ear infections, which often have underlying allergic causes. “We know that treating children for specific allergies including dust mite, egg and wheat, and conditions such as eczema and allergic rhinitis, can lower the incidence of their developing asthma and other chronic conditions later in life,” says Mary S. Morris, MD, ABIM, of Allergy Associates of La Crosse. “Treating allergies with allergy drops early can have long-term benefits, not only by controlling chronic illnesses, but by simply keeping kids in school and enjoying the experience.”

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