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Superfoods: Bite into the Benefits

Author: Anne Hendrickson

You seldom read anything about nutrition in mainstream media recently without mention of superfoods. These nutrition-dense, powerhouse foods boast a number of benefits when introduced into your diet.

There is no medical definition for “superfoods,” but there is nutritional data to support their inclusion in a balanced diet. No one food will be the cure-all or panacea to help you live a long, healthy life; but it’s long been suggested that incorporating a variety of key foods into your regular diet can deliver essential nutrients that bodies need to help run more smoothly and potentially reduce risk of chronic disease.

A key cornerstone of success with allergy treatment using the La Crosse Method™ Protocol, especially food allergy treatment, is understanding the critical role lifestyle and diet play in treatment. Having helpful information about healthy dietary options, selection, preparation and recipe ideas can makes it easier to take the first step.

Emily Melby, RDN, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist at Allergy Associates of La Crosse, has developed a number of resources for patients and their family members to incorporate more of these healthy superfoods into their diets and to complement diet plans for allergic patients. She’s done this through a “Superfood of the Month” spotlight, noting nutritional data and health benefits, as well as practical application to answer questions such as “I like the idea of eating more quinoa. Now that I have it in my shopping cart, what do I do with it?”

Recent Superfoods highlighted include:

Check out Emily’s preparation tips, health benefits, recipes and more as part of a plan to boost your diet with a few of these foods, or sign up for monthly superfood notifications.

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