SLIT Training Course

Allergychoices training course helps allergy providers offer custom sublingual immunotherapy

Help more allergy patients – improve outcomes – expand your expertise through precision diagnostics & sublingual immunotherapy

Oct. 13 & 14, 2017 | Onalaska, WI

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No two patients are the same. Finding an effective way to diagnose and treat each patient that matches his/her individual allergic “fingerprint” is both a science and an art. You can treat the full spectrum of allergic patients using the leading precision allergy protocol that can safely and effectively address the broad range of patients and conditions, while growing your practice.

This sublingual training course will help you successfully integrate the La Crosse Method™ Protocol in your practice so you can begin to help patients now, or expand the sublingual immunotherapy diagnostics and treatment you may already provide.

Who should attend?
Learn the latest research, science, and the practical application of precision sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT). We recommend physicians, along with key clinical staff specializing in allergy treatment, attend this course.

Advancing Allergy Treatment: Providing Precision Sublingual Immunotherapy is led by authors of the La Crosse Method Protocol from Allergy Associates of La Crosse, a leading allergy practice with more than 45 years of experience helping allergic patients using tailored sublingual immunotherapy.

By attending the program, you will learn:

  • How to apply a variety of diagnostic techniques to treatment
  • Specific dosing formulations and regimens for single- and multiple-antigen SLIT based on the La Crosse Method Protocol
  • Treatment strategies for inhalant and food allergy
  • How to manage the broad spectrum of allergic patients, from the difficult to complex
  • The current science and history of SLIT and related research
  • Sublingual immunotherapy efficacy, safety, duration, and mechanisms

What your peers thought of previous programs

“So glad I came to the meeting, very well run with practical knowledge that is sometimes missing in these courses, small group, very comfortable atmosphere.” — M.T.

“Outstanding organization!” — K.S.

“Thanks for your wealth of experience and wonderful presentation style… I was riveted.” — G.H.

“Excellent. The combination of empirically and clinically supported evidence was very good.” — L.S.