Clinical Reference Laboratory

Do you prefer a single-source for your testing and treatment needs? Allergychoices offers sophisticated diagnostics through the CLIA and COLA certified Reference Laboratory. The Lab provides timely, accurate in vitro testing results to help you diagnose and treat your patients.

What makes our Lab unique?

  • .10 cutoff provides more complete sensitivity data
  • Fast turnaround ensures you have results within days of sample receipt
  • Six month sample storage enables additional testing and retesting
  • Regional panels available

Additional detailsAllergychoices offers sophisticated diagnostics through the CLIA and COLA certified Reference Lab.
Our lab provides reporting using a lower allergen cutoff to ensure you have more complete information regarding relevant sensitivities. Custom testing panels are available to meet your practice needs.

Choose from allergen specific IgE or allergen specific IgG assays, as well as markers for autoimmune, thyroid, and celiac diseases. We offer an extensive inventory with over 300 antigens available:

  • Includes grass, tree, weed, mite, mold, epidermals, food, insect, hymenoptera, drug and various chemical and occupational allergens
  • We will create custom regional inhalant allergen panels to ensure that prevalent allergens in your geographical region are tested most efficiently

We provide results delivered to you within days of receipt of your sample, and if you have questions at any time, our Lab personnel are here to help. In addition, samples are held for six months to enable additional testing or retesting.

If you are satisfied with your current provider, we also collaborate closely with other leading allergy specialty laboratories to coordinate appropriate testing and treatment strategies including leading edge molecular component tests.

Our focus is to deliver accurate results to ensure healthcare providers have the information they need to provide thorough diagnostics and relevant treatment.