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Clean-up and Prevention of Dust Mites at Home

Author: Mary Morris, MD, ABIM

Talking about dust mites can give many people the creeps…yet, dust mites do not bite or live on people, they are just part of our living space. Having great physician care and sublingual treatment of dust mite allergies along with clean-up and prevention can be the key to controlling dust mite allergies.

Having dust mites is not a sign of poor housekeeping; rather it is a fact of life. Everyone has them and thwarting the life and life cycle of the dust mite is paramount for allergic patients. Let’s start with the basics of how to control dust mites

Bedroom and bed


Following these tips, and pairing them with sublingual immunotherapy to help build tolerance to mites, can help make your mite-allergic person feel better, breathe easier and have less skin involvement with these little critters long term.


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