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Sublingual Immunotherapy Education Opportunities


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Expand your practice, help more patients

Through the science and art of sublingual immunotherapy

Equip your practice with the diagnostic and treatment tools you need to provide custom sublingual immunotherapy to safely and effectively treat the cause of allergies.

Allergychoices is the leading resource for comprehensive diagnostic and treatment education, tools and services based on more than 45 of years of direct clinical experience that you won't find elsewhere.

With direct experience addressing a broad range of allergic patient conditions, we can help guide you from start to finish in implementing sublingual immunotherapy in your practice and helping you expand your expertise. No matter where your patients are on the allergy continuum, we have tools and expertise that can help you safely and effectively address a wide range of allergic issues.

Get your sublingual immunotherapy treatment program started or expanded with the support of those who wrote the protocol that more allergy providers depend upon.

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